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Child support a common concern for divorcing parents

On Behalf of | Jun 10, 2019 | Family Law

Missouri parents and those around the country have obligations that nonparents do not. Aside from having to take their kids to soccer practice and making sure they do their homework, parents also have to take their children into consideration when getting divorced. In particular, parents in this type of situation commonly have concerns over child support.

When the children spend more time with one parent than the other after divorce, that parent is typically entitled to support payments. These payments can help that parent provide necessities for the children, including food, clothing, health care, transportation and more. Even if parents have a joint custody arrangement, it does not necessarily mean that child support becomes unnecessary as the children will still likely spend more time with one parent than the other.

A lot of consideration goes into the calculation of child support as do state laws regarding support. As a result, the terms of support can differ from family to family and from state to state. Financial information, specific needs of the children and other factors can all have their part in determining the support terms that best suit a particular case.

It can take time to come to all the necessary terms and decisions that need to occur during a divorce. Missouri parents may understandably want to ensure that the child support terms that their cases garner suit their children’s needs. If parents would like more information on how state laws and other factors could affect their cases, they may wish to speak with attorneys about their specific scenarios.

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