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Tips For Handling A Visit From The Police

On Behalf of | Apr 18, 2023 | Criminal Defense

When the police arrive without a warrant, you have no legal obligation to answer the door. Many people feel panic when the police arrive because they are uncertain how to respond.

If you prefer to answer the door, there are a couple of things to consider.

Talk outside

Without a warrant, you do not have to allow the police into your home. It is better for your privacy if you go outside to talk with the officer instead. Inviting the police into your home provides them with an opportunity to scan anything that is out in the open, which could create probable cause for a search. Step out your door and close it behind you to reduce this risk.

Remember your rights

One common mistake people make is answering questions in what seems like a casual conversation with the police. Remember your right to remain silent and your right to legal representation. Avoid answering any questions without guidance to protect yourself.

Be cordial and respectful

In any interaction with law enforcement, remember that they are in a position of authority and any aggressive response from you may seem combative. Avoid this risk by remaining cordial and respectful in your communication. Keep in mind that this does not mean tolerating abuse from an officer. If an officer oversteps their boundaries with you, ask for their badge number and name to file a complaint.

Receiving a visit from the police does not guarantee that you will face charges. Be mindful of your interactions, protect your rights and preserve your privacy when you answer the door.

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