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Family law: Is the divorce rate in Missouri decreasing?

On Behalf of | Oct 4, 2018 | Family Law

There has been a surprising decrease in the divorce rate over the last 10 years. Family law attorneys in Missouri and across the country are reporting a decline in divorce, but many also report an increase in prenuptial agreements. Different studies have led experts to conclude that the decline may be related to millennials’ approach to marriage, higher rates of women with college degrees and marriages at later ages.

A recent study reports that the divorce rate has lowered as much as 18 percent over the last 10 years. Many attribute the decline to the way that millennials approach marriage and when they decide to become married. Statistics indicate that millennials are waiting until they are older to get married, are maybe more selective about who they marry and often wait until they are financially stable.

Other studies are leading experts to draw conclusions that divorce rates can also be correlated to whether or not a woman has a college degree. Over the last couple of decades, more women have obtained a college degree, and the divorce rate has also lowered. Statistically, women with a college degree are less likely to be divorced than other women who only have a high school education by the time they are in their 40s. 

Although family law attorneys are witnessing a decrease in divorce rates, many report an increase in prenuptial agreements. In the past, prenuptial agreements may have stereotypically been assumed only something to consider for wealthy individuals, but the agreements can be beneficial for any couple in any financial standing. The agreements can help individuals discuss wealth, property division and debt repayment plans if a divorce does become a possibility in the future. Whether approaching a marriage or contemplating a divorce, family law attorneys can assist individuals with their legal needs. 

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