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Proving Accountability For Car Accidents

On Behalf of | Apr 19, 2022 | Personal Injury

At-fault states like Missouri require drivers to carry auto insurance that covers damages according to the degree to which they contribute to an accident that causes someone’s injuries. However, auto insurance may not cover all your post-injury needs.

Recovering additional damages involves filing a lawsuit that proves the following.

Another Driver’s Negligence

Every driver is responsible for protecting other drivers by following the road rules. However, negligent actions in some situations may not be remiss in others. For example, a jury may consider it reasonable for a driver to swerve to avoid hitting a child who runs into the street even if swerving causes a collision with another car. However, a driver that collides with another vehicle when failing to check for oncoming traffic may be negligent.

Another Driver’s Illegal Actions

Drivers who violate traffic laws and cause severe injuries are liable for their actions. Although criminal charges can address illegal driving practices such as speeding, driving under the influence or tailgating, you can still file a civil lawsuit to obtain further damages. In addition, drivers who break the law and severely injure others may also be liable to pay punitive damages that serve as a deterrent to others.

An Automobile’s Manufacturing Defects

When your injury is due to an automobile’s defective parts, you may have a strict liability case against the vehicle’s manufacturer or its parts suppliers. Plaintiffs do not need to prove that a product’s defect is intentional or from a manufacturer’s negligence to obtain damages.

An auto injury that prevents you from working can lead to mounting debt that an insurance settlement does not cover. Fortunately, you have additional options to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve for your physical and emotional trauma.

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