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Who Is Liable For My Injuries In A Rideshare Accident?

On Behalf of | Mar 29, 2021 | Personal Injury

As a passenger in a rideshare like Uber or Lyft, you may not have been responsible for the accident you were in even though you have considerable injuries. When the cost of medical injuries after a car accident can be thousands of dollars, it is essential to pursue compensation from the liable party. But when there are multiple parties involved in your accident, how do you know who is responsible for your injuries?

Who may be liable?

Liability for your injuries after a rideshare accident can fall on several different parties. If your driver was distracting themselves with their cell phone or otherwise recklessly driving with you as a passenger, they may be liable for your injuries. If the other driver was the one who was recklessly driving or otherwise caused your accident, they might be the ones who are liable.

While the drivers of the vehicles involved in the accident are the most obvious possibilities of liability, the rideshare company may also be liable for your injuries. If the company failed to ensure that the driver they hired was a safe driver by either failing to review their driving history or choosing to overlook it, they might have knowingly put you at risk by allowing your driver to work for them.

How do I pursue compensation?

It can be hard for the victim of an accident to determine on their own who is liable for the cost of their injuries. Thankfully, rideshare accident victims can get the help they need from an experienced attorney. If you were in a rideshare accident, contact personal injury attorney to review your situation and determine who is liable for your injuries in the cost of compensation to cover it.


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