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Shopping injuries can usually be prevented with proper planning

On Behalf of | Jul 31, 2019 | Firm News

Going shopping should be a relatively safe outing for most people. It is up to the store owners and personnel to ensure that customers remain safe while they are at the establishment. There are many issues that can come up during a trip, but some people never take the time to think about them.

If you are heading out to buy groceries or anything else, try to keep these points in mind as you venture around. You might end up saving yourself from being injured while shopping.

Before you enter the store

Dangers can start in the parking lot. Having loose gravel or uneven pavement might lead to someone falling. There is also the matter of the lighting and security. When there isn’t adequate lighting after dusk, patrons might not be able to see the ground or they might not notice a suspicious person in the area. It is imperative that bright lights are in place and turned on as soon as it gets dark. This can help to prevent safety issues.

Around the store

Once you enter the store, you aren’t automatically any safer than you are outside. One particular safety concern is slippery flooring. This is especially present at the entrance of the establishment when it is rainy, snowy or icy outside. Store personnel must take the time to ensure that these areas are as dry as possible. This can be done by using mats and fans. Wet floor signs are also a good way to alert customers that there are hazardous conditions present. Spills around the store should be cleaned promptly.

Merchandise is another issue that can be problematic. Shelves shouldn’t be top heavy and nothing should be left positioned in a manner that might lead to it slipping or falling off the shelf. If there are heavy items on upper shelves, they should be fully secured.

Special events

Stores sometimes have special events, such as Black Friday. If they don’t plan well, such as having security in place, the customers can suffer from injuries. Staff must take the time to think about what will happen if the deals are so good that the turnout is better than expected.

When shopping injuries do occur, the victim may need medical care. Ultimately, they customer shouldn’t be held liable for financial responsibilities of the incident. They can choose to seek compensation from the establishment if negligence was a factor. This must be done in a specific time or you lose your right to do so.

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