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Serious communication issues could contribute to divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 22, 2019 | Family Law

Married couples typically want to have a loving, trusting and strong relationship. Unfortunately, that is not the case for many people around Missouri and across the country. Some marital relationships can face significant issues that can lead to breakdowns in relationships and, potentially, to divorce.

Trust and communication are two important aspects of a relationship. If individuals feel that they cannot communicate without always fighting or always feeling like they have to be on the defensive, there can be a disconnect in the way in which the couple interacts with each other and how they handle conflict. In some cases, these defensive feelings can sometimes lead to additional problems that may end up becoming insurmountable for a particular relationship.

Another communication issue that could lead to serious relationship problems is when one spouse refuses to talk. One individual may want to have a conversation in attempts to figure out the relationship problems and work through them, and if the other simply refuses to discuss the problems, there likely will not be any resolutions. As a result, the person refusing to talk may have already decided not to put effort into the marriage any longer.

Though communication issues can certainly affect couples at various stages of their marriages, serious problems could lead to a decline in the marriage that could result in divorce. If Missouri residents believe that there is no resolution in sight for their issues, they may consider ending their marriages. If so, they may benefit by gaining reliable information about their legal options from family law attorneys.

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