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Multiple criminal charges result from officer-involved shooting

On Behalf of | Jun 27, 2019 | Criminal Defense

No one wants to feel as if he or she is trapped in a situation. However, if a person is taken into police custody and charged with a crime, he or she is not free to leave unless released by authorities. In some instances, this trapped feeling could cause a person to act irrationally, and more criminal charges could result.

It was recently reported that a Missouri man who was in police custody on an assault charge has had more allegations brought against him in a separate incident. Apparently, the man was being transported by a police officer for a medical evaluation when he attempted to get the officer’s firearm. During the struggle, the officer was shot in the abdomen, and at the time of the report, she was considered to be in critical condition.

The suspect also suffered a hand injury during the alleged event, and he was in stable condition at an area hospital. Due to this purported incident, authorities have brought more allegations against the man. Those charges include armed criminal action, first-degree assault and unlawful use of a weapon.

Due to the multiple criminal charges this Missouri man is facing, it is wise that he take the time to understand each allegation and how it could affect his case. This information may help him make more solid decisions regarding how he would like to defend against the accusations. Having reliable information during this time could make a substantial difference in how he chooses to move forward, and local legal resources may be able to help.

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