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Animal abuse charges likely have man working on criminal defense

On Behalf of | May 14, 2019 | Criminal Defense

Some people participate in behaviors that are difficult to understand. The individuals themselves may not even fully know why they do what they do. Still, if their actions result in harm to another living being, it is possible for criminal charges to result. In turn, a person facing charges for animal abuse will likely need a meaningful criminal defense.

One man in Missouri is undoubtedly exploring his options for defending against charges recently brought against him. According to reports, someone allegedly saw the man disposing of a dead cat that was in a bag of water outside of his house. It was unclear whether this is the specific incident that led authorities to investigate. Nonetheless, the man allegedly told authorities that he looked for online ads in order to obtain cats or kittens. After obtaining the animals, he would then allegedly take them home to kill and mutilate them.

Authorities believe that the 20-year-old man killed at least 12 cats. The deceased animals had reportedly been showing up on the man’s street since the beginning of the year. At the time of the report, the man was facing two felony charges for animal abuse, and additional charges were expected.

Felony charges for animal abuse could come with major consequences if this Missouri man is convicted of the allegations. Because he certainly wants to reach the best outcomes possible for his case, he may want to thoroughly review his criminal defense options. Understanding what steps he may take to fight the charges could help him choose to legal defense path with which he is most comfortable.

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