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Criminal defense info useful to woman accused of murder

On Behalf of | Feb 19, 2019 | Criminal Defense

Many people believe that love can make others act in ways that they normally would not. While this notion often applies to instances where a person may daydream too often or overlook poor qualities in a desirable person, it could also seem to apply to more drastic situations. In fact, some people may be accused of killing in the name of love, and as a result, they undoubtedly need a meaningful criminal defense.

One woman in Missouri is currently facing this type of predicament. According to reports, the woman worked at a correctional facility as a nurse. While working there, she purportedly developed a romantic relationship with one of the inmates. However, she was also already married. The woman and the inmate allegedly had recorded conversations in which they discussed their life together after her husband’s death.

The death of her husband is what resulted in the woman being taken into custody. Reports indicated that the woman poisoned her husband and then set their house on fire. The man’s death occurred in Dec. 2018, and presumably, an investigation into the incident led to the woman’s recent arrest and charges. She is currently facing criminal allegations of first-degree murder, arson, tampering with evidence and armed criminal action.

Though the woman may have had love on her mind, she now certainly wants to focus on her criminal defense. The allegations brought against her can come with severe penalties if she is convicted, and finding the most fitting ways to address her charges may work in her best interests. Gaining information about her legal options from local Missouri legal resources may be wise.

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