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Victims suffer serious personal injury in semi crash

On Behalf of | Nov 16, 2018 | Personal Injury

According to a report, family members of four different victims of a recent fatal multi-vehicle crash Missouri were notified of their loved one’s deaths. It is certainly upsetting to lose a loved one, and especially difficult just before the holidays. When complicated crashes such as this one occur, victims and family members of deceased victims often find the assistance of a personal injury attorney helpful.

Reportedly, a large car hauler caught fire on the interstate. The fire and the attempt to put it out stopped traffic. The four vehicles occupied by the victims were among the vehicles stalled behind the fire. At some point, a semi approached the stopped traffic, but it failed to stop and crashed into the stalled vehicles. 

The impact of the semi pushed the stalled cars into other semis and vehicles. A total of six vehicles crashed into one another. Two of the victims’ injuries were so serious they were pronounced dead at the scene of the crash. Two others died later after being transferred to a hospital. The victims were three females, ages 63, 60 and 44, and a 63-year-old male.

In addition to the certain grief experienced by surviving family members, they will also have to sort out numerous details. Insurance claims, medical bills, funeral expenses and life adjustments without a loved one occur rapidly. Missouri personal injury attorneys can assist with wrongful death claims, sorting through the aftermath with truck and insurance companies, and helping to determine if a wrongful death lawsuit in civil court is the right option for financial recourse. 

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