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Personal injury: Lawsuit settled with duck boat company

On Behalf of | Nov 29, 2018 | Personal Injury

Duck boats are known for being used in World War II and have the ability to travel on land and water. Duck boats are currently being used around the country as a form of entertainment for tourists, including tours on Table Rock Lake in Missouri. Recently, a personal injury lawsuit was settled between the family of two victims and the touring company on the lake, following a boat sinking during a tour on Table Rock Lake.

On the day of the victims’ death, the National Weather service issued a severe storm warning 20 minutes prior to the boat’s entry into the lake. Despite the warning, the boat entered the lake, and the water became turbulent, resulting in the boat sinking. As a result, seven individuals were injured, and 17 people died.

Two of the deceased victims were an elderly couple who were in the area celebrating their 45th wedding anniversary. Their three adult daughters filed a lawsuit following their death, and they recently settled an undisclosed amount with the company. Other lawsuits are pending related to the incident, and the captain of the boat was recently indicted in criminal court for his failure to provide proper safety for the duck boat tourists.

It is understandably difficult to lose one family member to a tragic and unexpected death, let alone more than one at the same time. Nine of the victims in this accident were from the same family. Missouri personal injury attorneys understand that victims and families of deceased victims may find some legal recourse and closure through a wrongful death lawsuit. In addition, some family members may be awarded compensation for documented losses, which can assist with unexpected expenses following a death.

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