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How can family law attorneys help parents prepare for college?

On Behalf of | Sep 6, 2018 | Family Law

Anyone who has processed a divorce can attest to the pain and loneliness often suffered. It can be difficult to consider all necessary logistics when in the midst of hurt and pain. Family law attorneys in Missouri understand the sensitive nature of a divorce, especially when children are involved. Because the end of a marriage can affect all areas of life, including a child’s future college education, it is important to seek legal and professional advice.

Reportedly, many college students of divorced parents pay for the majority of their higher education on their own whether through cash, scholarships or school loans. Many students do not have the help of their parents due to the financial constraints that some divorced parents will feel following separation. Financial advisors explain that, with careful planning and research, financial aid is often available to students of divorced parents.

Having processed multiple separations, skilled attorneys are likely to suggest including college tuition payments in negotiations. In addition, attorneys can provide resources such as financial advisors who are equipped to assist families with making financially wise college choices. Many financial aid applications only take in the parent’s income with who the student lives with the majority of the time; this allows many students to be eligible for aid. Advisors further explain that the financial burden of a higher education can be lessened by the choice of school and living arrangements during terms.

Unfortunately, children often feel the impact of a divorce. With the right advice from a Missouri family law attorney and other skilled advisors, a child’s college degree does not necessarily need to be impacted. The right family law attorney will remain an asset as needed past the final divorce decree.

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